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Mary's Home Page

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What's New?

3 May, 2005:  Udated information for 'Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 8' to include registration information.
11 April, 2005:  There are a few new pictures located in My Blog.  Why don't you head on over and check out what's new in pictures and my life.
31 January, 2005
There's more new photo's in the 'Photo Album II' section of my parent's 50th Anniversary Suprise Celebration, pages 2 through 6.  Why don't you head on in and check it out!
27 January, 2005
Added another photo album loaded with more great pictures of family and friends.
Check out "My Photo Album II" to see the latest and greatest!
18 December, 2004
Added another link in the 'About Toledo' section that's full of great information about where I live.
16 December, 2004
Added another favourite film to the 'Favourite T.V. and Movies' link.  Be sure to check it out!
27 October, 2004
Added photo's from the trip to Los Angeles for 'Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 7!'  You can see them by going to my photo album and clicking on the  'Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 7!' folder.
Due to limited photo space I've posted most of the pictures from the event to My Blog.  Be sure to head on over there to take a peek and be sure to let me know what you think.
I hope to have more there soon after I go through and edit some other pictures.  My space is limited to how many I can put here.
17 September, 2004:  The 'Random Thoughts' link has been removed.  If  you're interested in reading about what happens in my daily life please click on the following link:
My Blog:
20 August, 2004:  Added new pictures to the photo album of 'Furry Family Members'.  Enjoy!

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