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My Photo Album

Here's just a sampling of what goes on around this neck of the woods, whether it be family or friends, each day is proven unique no matter what!  Enjoy!

Yep! A goof at heart!
Me at the Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 5 Saturday Gala

Lights, Camera, Auction!

The Tatto Stencil
Before it started.

The Tattoo!
I've done something a little radical.  Actually, I've been planning on doing this "radical" thing since I turned 40 last October.  What is this you ask?  Well, I'm now a "freak" or permanently "scarred" on my left shoulder.  I got a tattoo. 

Some might think I'm a little crazy.  But I have my reasons for it.  This was well thought over and my friends Jayne, who drew and went through a few re-designs of the pattern, and Bev who edited the pattern with her computer, helped to make a decision as to the final pattern and what it should represent.  The pattern is that of a horse (see pictures).  To me a horse represents a "free spirit", always moving forward towrds the future without looking back to the past.  Ever since I was a young girl horses have been a part of my life that I feel some sort of spiritual connection.  My turning 40 represented a turning point in my life that follows this representation.

Trip to the Smoky Mountains in August 2003.

Two Cool Dudes!
My son Daniel (standing) and his friend Jacob.

"Whoa! That water's cold!"
My daughter, Krista (green shirt), neices Samantha (right) and Megan (behind Krista).

Ripley's Aquarium - Gatlinburg, Tennessee - August
Just making sure the glass isn't going to break!

Smoky Mountain Trip - August, 2003.
Cades Cove at sunset.

Smoky Mountain Trip - August, 2003.
The kids line up for one last shot before heading home.

More to come.......

The tattoo designer, Jayne and her canvas, me!

Just before it started. I'm seated while my support group gives me the pep talk!

Half way there!
The tatto is outlined. I'm thinking "This is Bitchin'!"

This wasn't as bad as I initially thought!

This is it! It's all done! I'm now considered a "Freak" by my piers!