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This One is for you Mom! I Love You! - Mary
Sunset At Venice Beach. October 25, 2004

'Lights, Camera, Auction'
This is what we're like when we're having a ball at the auction! ;^)

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What will you find here?  A brief bio, information about a few of my favourite television shows like 1-800-MISSING, Due South and links to favourite web sites like Toronto, Ontario and the Detroit Red Wings hockey team.  
In the mean time, I sure hope you find this site entertaining as well as informative.
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Charitable Plug Here!

The charity that I volunteer for The Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance is pleased to announce the following...

MPICAŽ is pleased to announce that the dates for our next auction are October 21-23, 2005 and it will take place in Los Angeles, California.
Charities benefiting from this years auction are:
Ronald McDonald House British Columbia  and Los Angeles Westside Children's Center.
May 3, 2005
MPICAŽ is pleased to announce that registration for Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 8! October 21-23, 2005 is now open.
To register, please go to the LCA 8 page at for links to the registration page and hotel reservation information.
Please check the web site for more information on the auction and other featured weekend activities.
Important Registration Information! 
For the comfort of all guests and registratered attendee's there is an attendance limit of 200 and there is a cut-off date to get your registrations in.  You might want to hurry and get your registration in for attending the auction before it's too late!
The cut-off date for receipt, of registration forms and fees for the auction is October 17, 2005. 
After that registration is closed, and there will be no on-site registrationRegistration will close early if all slots are filled.
Barclay Hope "Col. Lionel Pendergast" Stargate: SG1 / "Peter Axon" Psi Factor
Mitch Pileggi "Walter Skinner" The X Files / "Col. Steven Caldwell" Stargate: Atlantis
Mary Lynn Rajskub "Chloe O'Brian" 24

Marti Noxon - Producer - Buffy/Angel/Point Pleasant/Prison Break

Sarah Clarke - "Nina Myers" 24
Nicholas Lea - "Krychek" X Files
Rockne O'Bannon - Producer/Creator/Writer Farscape, Alien Nation, seaQuest DSV
Christopher Shyer - Monk/ CSI: Miami/ Traffic

Eric Etebari - "Ian Nottingham" Witchblade

Ryan Scott Greene - "Brandon" Queer As Folk/ Nikita/ Mutant X

Roger Cross "Curtis Manning" 24

Anthony Cistaro - "Kenneth Irons" Witchblade

Ellen Dubin "Jeri Slate" The Collector/ "Giggerota" LEXX

Howard Gordon, Executive Producer 24
Victoria Pratt "Shalimar Fox" Mutant X
TJ Scott - Director Xena/Mutant X

Torri Higginson - "Dr. Elizabeth Weir " Stargate: Atlantis

Gregory Itzen - "President Charles Logan" 24 
Bill Smitrovich - "Gene McLennan" 24 / "Lt. Bob Bletcher" Millennium
David Fury - Producer Buffy/Lost/24

James Morrison - "Bill Buchanan" 24

Reiko Aylesworth - "Michelle Dessler" 24
Louis Lombardi - "Edgar Stiles" 24/ "Skip Lipari" The Sopranos
Garett Maggart - "Blair Sandburg" The Sentinel
Dean McDermott - "Constable Renfield Turnbull" due South - 1-800-MISSING - Tracker
Greg Ellis - "Michael Amador" 24
Joseph Hodges - Production Designer 24

Please keep in mind that all guest announcements are subject to
professional committments.

*NEW:  Auction Items, including a set visit to 'CSI - Miami' and 'Stargate: Atlantis' have been added to the 'Official' 'Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 8!' website.  Why not head on over and check them out!

More information about the auction and registration information can be found by going to thier link at:
I look forward to seeing all of you there and many, MANY Thanks for your interest in the most importing reason for this auction, helping out the charities benefitting from this event!

Mary Mason - Official Volunteer for the Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance.

501c Non-Profit Organization 31-1588233

More information on the Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance and Lights, Camera, Auction, Take 8! can be found by going to thier official links:
Lights, Camera, Auction, Take 8!
Experiencing Technical Problems
Some of you have noticed there are some things missing from this site like the pictures and some of the links.
We're currently in the process of sorting the situation out and hope to have it resolved soon.
Thanks for your understanding!
UPDATE:  26 September, 2005:  Unfortunatley we've had a bit of a 'hacking' problem.  Explanation for the missing elements/pictures here and on my home page.  I hope to have these problems solved soon and will be able to restore this with my back-ups.

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