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Finally!  Here's the results of the first survey!  Many thanks go out to everyone who participated in these survey's.
Survey #1
Question:  What is your favourite Dean television show?
48% - 'due SOUTH'.
33% - 'Power Play'.
14% -  '1-800-MISSING'.
5%  -  'Earth Final Conflict'.
Question:  What do you think Dean's next project should be?
86% - Regular television series.
10% - Theatrical release.
5%   -  Movie of the week.
Question: What kind of role do you think Dean should do next?
57% - Anything, as long as we can see him.
33% - A comedic role.
10% - Dramatic role.
Survey #2
Question:  What brought you to the Dean McDermott Appreciation Page?
44% - My interest in what Dean has been up to lately.
31% - I saw him in an interesting show and just went "Who is nice looking guy?"
19% - Seeing Dean in a show that interested me and wanting to find out more about him.
6%   - My interest in Dean's career and filmography.
Question:  How often have you visited the Dean McDermott Appreciation Page?
88% -  1 to 5 times a month.
13% -  6 to 10 times a month.
Question:  Upon visiting this site do you find this page easy to navigate?
94% - Yes, it's easy to get to the other links on the site.
6%   - I like it, but it seems to be cluttered with too many sites to navigate.
Question:  What would you like to see more of on the Dean McDermott Appreciation Page?
63% - A current interview with him on this site.
19% - More updates on his career.
19% - More updated pictures from his latest projects.
Question:  If you could ask Dean a question what would it be?
44% - What type of character do you like playing most?
44% - Can we count on you being in another television series soon?
13% - Who's your favourite music group?
Question:  If Dean were to be a guest auctioneer at 'Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 7!' would you attend?
100% - Most definately!  Where do I register?
Question:  At which location would you most likely go to see Dean appear as a guest for a future 'Lights, Camera, Auction'?
88% - I'd go to any auction no matter where it was located.
6%   - Toronto, Ontario
6%   - Los Angeles, California
Question:  If Dean were to be a guest at the 'Hollywood Celebrity Allstars Hockey Game' would you go?
94% - Yes!  I would love to see Dean play!
6%   - No, I don't know if I could follow the game.