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Things To Do Before or After ‘Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 8!’

Most of you coming to the event are planning on either getting there early or leaving a few days after the event and are wondering ‘What is there to do in the Los Angeles area?’.

Let me reassure you, being a native Californian there are pleanty of things to do!

Amusement Parks


Disneyland Resort located in Anaheim is a great place to visit and have loads of fun. Many folks venturing to the southern California area make special plans on visiting this park. Plan on spending at least a full day to experience what the park has to offer.

More information about Disneyland Resorts and Parks can be found here:


Six Flags ‘Magic Mountain’ has loads of fun and thrills to offer folks. From Batman the Ride’, ‘Colossus’ and the ‘Reveloution’ (seen in the movie ‘Rollercoaster‘) to family rides and attractions such as ‘Arrowhead’, ‘Sierra Twist’ and ‘Taz’s Lumber Company’ there pleanty of fun things to do.

Magic Mountain is also offering a great thrill for the month of October when the auction is being held. The event? Freight Fest 2005. This sounds like something I would really enjoy! Freight Fest 2005 runs between October 8-9, 14-16, 21-23 and 28-31 and offers park goers the ultimate, scary Halloween experience turning the park in to a coldrun full of zombies, haunted mazes and that do not necessarily run like they should.

Admission to the park is relatively cheap compared to other parks in the area and they also offer an on-line, one day ticket discount of $29.00. Excellent!

More information on the park can be found by going to their website at:

Direction to ‘Six Flags Magic Mountain’ from the auction hotel.

Take the 101 Freeway north to the 170 Freeway north. Take the 170 Freeway north to the Interstate 5 Freeway north (the 170 Freeway automatically ends at the I-5 north). Take Interstate 5 north to Magic Mountain Parkway. Exit Magic Mountain Parkway, left at traffic signal at the bottom of the exit ramp going under the Freeway overpass. Proceed along Magic Mountain Parkway to Parking Toll Booths and entrance to Six Flags California.

'Venice Beach'

Ah yes, Venice Beach!  To hear the story's my mother tells me of her teenage years takes me there every time she talks about it.  After last years auction I had the chance to venture to Venice beach as well as Santa Monica (see below).  And my gosh, did it bring back memories!

To go to the beach meant more than just a visit for me, but to actually get on my cell phone and tell my mom that I was there.  She can't travel back to California but wanted to go back there for many reasons.  So, I stepped in to the water and dialed my cell and got her on the phone.  I asked her if she could hear the water and she said 'Yes'.  I asked her if she knew where I was, she asked 'Venice?', I said 'Yes Mom!  I brought you with me.  It was a very touching moment for us!

Anyway, back on track!  If you're in the mood for some culture mixing while visiting Southern California Venice Beach is the place to head to!

There's so much to do and experience there that I doubt that a full day would be hardly enough to take it all in.  The beach itself is just so wonderful.  Lots of sand to tickle the toes.  The sound and feel of the waves are enough to sooth the feet after being on them after a full day of sight seeing in the 'Southland'.  And the amazing sunsets are enough to hyptmotyse your soul with magnificent colours and depth!

If tickeling your toes with sand and water isn't enough for you then hitting the boardwalk for an aray of performers, art and culture.  The boardwalk is chock full of colourful characters making thier way up and down performing.  Performaces range from jugglers, skateboarders, weight lifters (also check out Muscle Beach just south of Santa Monica Beach) and much more.

You might also want to check out the murals that span the buildings along the beach.  This is where artist from through out the world come to practice and master thier craft.  It's just truly amazing when you can take to time to appreciate the majority of work gone in to making these colourful images appear through out the community.

Coming soon:  For The Beach Bunnies Santa Monica Beach and More theme park information, Universal Studios!  A highlighted park for 'Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 8!'

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