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Web Site Updates!

03 September, 2005:  Added new screen caps of Dean in the 'STARTV Interview' link.  Added more information about your webmaster in the 'About the Webmaster' link.
02 September, 2005:  Added two new pictures to the photo album.  Updated the 'Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 8!' guest and auction list.
25 August, 2005:  Added more guests to the 'Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 8!' guest list.
17 August, 2005:  Added more guests to the 'Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 8!' guest list!
16  August, 2005:  Added more information to the 'LCA 8 Travel' link.  Added the transcription from the STARTV interview from 2003.
13,14 and 15 August, 2005:  Tinkered a bit more with the sites look.  Hope you like it.  I'm still tweekingit a bit so look for more changes to come soon.
Updated the 'Dean on Television' link to include Navy: NCIS - 'Conspiracy Theory' and 'The Tournament'.
13 August, 2005:  Changed the 'LCA 8 Travel' link around a bit.  Okay, I'm bored!  Added a new airfare special notice for Northwest Airlines E-Cert specials.
9 August, 2005:  Updated the 'Chairty' link with the latest 'Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 8!' guests!
1 August 2005:  Updated the 'Filmography' link.  Updated the 'Dean on Television' link.  Updated the release date and price for season 4 'due South" through  Added a 'Toronto Star' inerview conducted in 1998 of how Dean met his wife Mary Jo Eustace.
14 July 2005:  Added an 'LCA 8 Travel' link including things to do while in the southern California area during the auction.  Updated the survey page.
12 July 2005:  The webmaster is finally coming around and cleaned up the home page!  Whew!  I hate clutter!
11 July 2005:  Announced the release date for season 4 'due South' DVD's.
Updated the 'Charity' link with the latest guest auctioneers for 'Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 8!'
26 June 2005:  Added new picture of Dean from 'Hysteria:  The Def Leopard Story'.  Updated the 'Dean on Television' link to include airings of 'To Love, Honor and Betray, 'Small Vices"  A Spencer Mystery' (US), 'Lives of Girls and Women', 'Earth:  Final Conflict - Art of War', Relic Hunter:  Treasure Island' (Canada).
02-23-2004: The Dean McDermott Appreciation Site is first published to the web.

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