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Favourite Movies and T.V. Shows

Here are just a few of my favourite Movies & T.V. Shows...

copyrite 1980 Warner Bros.

1980 Warner Bros.
The Snobs Against The Slobs - That pretty much says it all.  There's just something about a movie that has a dancing gopher, a burnt-out grounds keeper Carl (Bill Murray), a overly inflated ego-ridden golf club president Judge Smalls (Ted Knight), a zen practicing, country club regular Ty Webb (Chevy Chase), a"Happy-go-lucky" guy magnet Lacy Underall <snicker> (Cindy Morgan), a Catholic Bishop (Henry Wilcoxon), who has a "religious experience" during a golf outing in a thunder storm (haven't we all?), irregular new, out of line and  vulger member Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield), that all centers around a struggling, middle-class, comes from a big Irish family highschool kid by the name of Danny Noonan (Michael O'Keefe), who's working as a caddy at the country club to make enough money to go to college.  Something alot of us middle class Irish kids never really had the opportunity to do during that time (late 70's - early 80's).
Other sub-plots of the movie focus on Lacey and Tie, Lacey and Danny, drugs, drinking and smoking pot, to which today would be looked upon as a disgrace.  But hey, it was the 70's-80's!  It also centered on the illegal inside betting among club memebers and caddy's alike when it comes to the 'scholarship' tournament that eventually finds Noonan in the center of the controversey. The end of the film left a little bit of ambiguity as to how Noonan went on but you can't help but love the end sequence when 'Carl' blows up the golf course to get at that 'pesky', outwitting gopher!  Let's not forget that infamous line Dangerfield delivers just before the ending credits roll "Hey everybody!  We're all gonna get laid!"  Whoo-hoo!
It's such a fun and up-beat movie that has a silly story line, but great music from Kenny Loggins, "I'm Allright" , Journey "Any Way You Want It!",  and much more!  The title song "I'm Allright" is enough to just pick you up if your a bit down and keep you going.  Just the thought of a dancing gopher is enough to make you laugh at it's antics of tearing up the golf course. Okay, so I'm a tad devious.  Can't help it.  (smiles).
This move is obviously now a classic that brings back such memory's of the same years I was in highschool trying to figure out what I was going to do afterwards.  To be able to just sit here and watch the movie when ever I want to now, would have never entered ones mind then to even think we'd have the technology to do so.  Shoot!  We were lucky if we had a free Showtime weekend to be able to see it.  No such thing as VCR's then.
You can get the Video or DVD from or

That 'Loveable' gopher!
copyrite 1980 Warner Bros.


The show, based on the books 1-800-Where -Are-U by Meg Cabott , premiered in early August with record network viewer ratings.  It was originally contracted to air 13 episodes originally but after the record ratings was tagged with 5 additional episodes rounding out the season with 18.

The series centers on a special missing persons task force formed by F.B.I. Special Agent In Charge Alan Coyle, S.A.I.C., (Dean McDermott, Due South, Power Play, Open Range), after he instructs one of his agents Brooke Haslett (Gloria Reuben, E.R., Homicide - Life of the Street), to investigate a college student, Jess Mastriani's (Caterina Scorsone), psychic ability to find missing persons with visions she gets in her dreams.

A reluctant Jess can't understand herself but thinks it may have something to do with being struck by lightning one night while trying to talk her brother off of a bridge during one of this dilusional episodes.  She finds herself being taken in to custody by Brooke to investigate further her ability.

After a brief testing session Jess finds herself in a meeting with Coyle and Haslett discussing her abilities and that the F.B.I. could use her as a special consultant in finding missing persons.  Brookes skeptical and reluctant about this new team but is given no choice in the matter when Alan assigns her the position and welcomes Jess to the F.B.I.  The team adds up to Alan Coyle, S.A.I.C., agent Brooke Haslett, Sunny Estrada (Justina Machado), and Jess Mastriani.

I'm not going to spoil it any further.  If you'd like, you can catch the show on Saturday's at 10:00pm Eastern on Lifetime Network.

Well, since the last time I updated this site alot has happened with "1-800-MISSING".  The good news first.  The show was renewed by Lifetime network for a second season with a firm 13 episode commitment.  The bad news:  Gloria Reuben (Brooke Haslett), will not be returning to the show to further persue other projects in the business.  Vivica Fox will be joining the cast of the show to replace Ms. Reuben.

Principal filming for the show should begin in April with the first episode of season 2 to air some time in July on Lifetime Network in the States.

Copywrite Alliance Communications.

Due South -

A show about a that has caught the attention of millions of viewers world wide from 1994 to 1998.

Due South is a Canadian-made television program produced by Alliance Communications.  I remember when the show debuted as a made-for-television movie and thought this would be interesting if it caught on.  It was finally made into a series but when the Pilot episode earned more than expected ratings.  The series ran on CBS for one season starting in the fall line-up in 1994 but lasted only one season and was given the ax.

However, due to the show's success in Canada the producers, Alliance Atlantis put up a fight to keep it going and was given another season on CBS in 1995.  However, CBS didn't sign the series again for the '96 season but once again Alliance came to the rescue and secured a third season.

Beginning to feel like you're watching a tennis match yet?  Back and forth!  Great show!  Cancelled!  Signed for another season!  Cancelled!  Renewed again!....I think you get my jist. 

The show itself being made in Canada was considered a drama in genre.  However, the inside jokes and pokes of cross-border inuendo's, making fun of the American and Canadian relationships (something I can relate to living less than an hour from the border), made this show an international favourite.

Photo Copyrite Serindipity Point Films and Alliance Atlantis

Men With Brooms
There's something said about anyone who lives in the States that would drive 56 miles from thier home to a theatre in Windsor, Ontario Canada to see a film about curling.  Then there's more to be said when one does this through a driving winter wind and then snow storm in March of 2002 when this movie was released.
Okay, I know, I know!  Who in thier right mind would be crazy enough to see a movie about curling in a different city much less a different country?  You should have seen the customs officer's reaction when I told them what my purpose was for my visit to Canada.  Ah well.  It was worth it.
Men With Brooms is about what else?  Curling along with the reuniting of four estranged friends from the small Canadian town of Long Bay, Ontario.
This film is obviously has a full cast of Canadian actors familiar to most.  Especially Leslie Nielson!
You can view a trailer for the film here courtosey of VIDEO DETECTIVE.COM.
Here's a summary of the film from Serendipity Point Films that pretty much says it all.  If you go to the link you can view a trailier of the film to get a better understanding of what this film is all about.

"Nothing has been the same in the little town of Long Bay, Ontario since Chris Cutter (Paul Gross) disappeared ten years ago. When curling star Cutter took off, he didn't just throw away a chance to win the Golden Broom - the "Stanley Cup" of the curling world - he actually hurled the curling stones into the waters of local Trout Lake. And he also threw away his chance at love, leaving his beautiful fiancée Julie Foley (Michelle Nolden) standing at the altar. Although Julie survived Cutter's rapid retreat (she went off to become astronaut), he sunk the sporting dreams of his three teammates and left them behind to fare for themselves. And they haven't fared too well: Neil Bucyk (James Allodi) is a dissatisfied mortician in a marriage as lifeless as his customers; James Lennox (Peter Outerbridge) is constantly courting trouble, and this time he's headed for a date with a thug who's tracking him down in search of payback; and Eddie Strombeck (Jed Rees) can't impregnate his wife because of his single digit sperm count. But Cutter's former Coach - and Julie's father -- has hatched an idea that just might change all their fates.

Aided by his other daughter Amy (Molly Parker), a single mother who battles alcohol alongside broken dreams, the Coach dreams up a plan that involves reclaiming the curling rocks from the bottom of Trout Lake. But while raising the rocks, the Coach dies of a heart attack. Returning for the funeral, Cutter grows nostalgic for Long Bay and those he left behind. But, it is not until he hears the codicil to Coach Foley's will that he becomes entangled in the dead coach's plan and is determined to stay. In the will, Coach Foley stipulates that he wants his ashes placed in the curling team's Copernicus stone; he wants Cutter to re-form the Long Bay Curling Club team; and moreover, he wants them to place his stone -- now his urn -- on the "button" (the curling ring bull's eye) to finally win the Golden Broom.

Realizing that the team needs a coach in order to win, Cutter calls upon an eccentric retired curling champion - his estranged father Gordon Cutter (Leslie Nielsen). Thus, these four men with brooms, along with their coach, set off on a comedic journey which takes them from frozen lakes to huge arenas, searching for perfect stones, lost loves and second chances."

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