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I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a 'Fan' but someone who appreciates an actor who takes great pride in the work he does.  And that's exactly what defines Dean McDermott.  Someone who does like his work and actively seeks it out rather than wait for something to come in.
His professional acting has proven to catch the attention of the best in the industry so much to land a role in a feature film 'Open Range' with noteable stars as Kevin Costner, Annette Benning and Robert Duvall. 
In recent years I've had the chance meet Dean's aquaintance a number of times while working as a volunteer for the the Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance (Okay, so I've seen him from the other side of the accounting table for the majority of those years.)  It was during the sixth auction "Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 6!", when Dean and I made contact, no thanks to a friend of mine (waves to Rae).  But, I still need to remind folks that I do not know him personally and I highly doubt the poor bloke would ever remember me if we crossed paths again!
However, in the times I have seen him at the auction's, nothing more that can be said about Dean than that he is a truly giving and generous person.  He has a great sense of humour and sometimes can mess with someone's mind so good that you don't even know it until it hits you when it's too late.  This I can personally attest to!
The Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance have, in the past, held six of it's fundraising auctions in Toronto, Ontario where Dean was a guest auctioneer.  You can get more information regarding The Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance and the auctions Dean has graciously given his time to by going through the "Charity" link located on the home page.
In closing I hope you find this site very informative and hope to get you as much information on any newer projects as I possibly can.
Any comments and suggestions are always welcome.  To do so you can contact me via e-mail (see the 'Contact Me' link) , with your thoughts and suggestions. 
Don't forget to sign the 'Guest Book' to let Dean know what you think of him or his career!

Your proud webmaster was interviewed for a CBC show called UNDERCURRENTS that aired in March 1997.  The segment of the show was about 'Tape Trees' and how some Canadian shows get distributed through out the United States and other places where folks didn't get popular shows that were airing at the time.
I use to record shows and send them to folks without making a profit so they too might be able to enjoy the shows we so often get to enjoy.


The above screen cap was mid-way during the interview when I was talking about 'due South' and my dissapointment that CBS had cancelled it.  This was before TNT picked it up throught the end of the series.  Thank you Maria for capturing this unforgettable moment in time.  My 15 minutes of 'Fame'.