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Here are some links to sites related to Dean's television and film credits as well as favourite charity organizations including:

1-800-MISSING - 2003

Dean's latest television show where he plays F.B.I. Special Agent In Charge, Alan Coyle.

The series centers on a special missing persons task force formed by F.B.I. Special Agent In Charge Alan Coyle. In the premier episode Coyle instructs agent Brooke Haslett (Gloria Reuben, E.R., Homicide - Life of the Street), to investigate a college student, Jess Mastriani's (Caterina Scorsone), psychic ability to find missing persons with visions of missing persons that she sees in her dreams. After a brief investigation into Jess' special gift and much to the skepticism of Brooke, Coyle welcomes Jess to the new missing persons task force team.  1-800-MISSING can be seen on Lifetime Network in the States and is in syndication throughout Canada.  Check your local listings for station and time.

Writing and production credits:  Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin, Paul Quarrington, William Lauren, Phil Bedard, Larry Lalonde, Glen Davis and more.

1-800-MISSING is produced in association with: Lionsgate Films and NDG Productions. *no copyrite infringement intended.

Lions Gate Films' official website for 1-800-Missing


Due South: William and Elyse's "Due South" web site :

This is the series that Dean played that loveable doofus of a Mountie Renfiedl Turnbull. The site is a great to cruise on over to and get information on a show that has caught the attention of millions of viewers world wide from 1994 to 1997.

The Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance

The Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance is an entertainment industry-based non-profit organization that hosts annual auctions in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The auction lists an assortment of props, wardrobe, scripts, videos and even the rare set visit from many popular televison series and more that go up for auction. Items are usually donated by many members of the entertainment industry from actors, directors, producers.

The "Power Play" website:

This great website created by Genevieve Gagnon is full of information on the show. It includes a series overview, episode guide and great screen captures of each episode. Power Play aired on on City TV/CTV and Show Case in Canada and a brief run in the US on UPN from 1998 - 2000.

The drama that takes you inside the operation of the small town of Hamilton, Ontario's struggling hockey team, the Hamilton Steelheads.  The show really takes a closer look at the inside.  From money and management problems to the team itself struggling to find the true spirit of play "For the love of the game."  As well, it's full of great jabs of comedic genre.  There's a constant flow of inuendo's being tossed around in the show that a wonderfully written Canadian show for Canadians can truly appreciate.

Power Play had a great writing and producing team of Paul Quarrington, William Lauren, Phil Bedard, Larry Lalonde, Glen Davis, Robert Lantos (Men With Brooms), and more.  A majority of those who have had been together for past shows like "Forever Knight", "Once a Thief", "Due South", "Dracula the Series" and most recently teaming together again for "1-800-MISSING".

Power Play was produced in association with: Alliance Atlantis Communications [ca], Canadian Television (CTV) [ca], NDG Productions, Serendipity Point Films. *no copyrite infringement intended.

Dean's latest film 'Against the Ropes' that opened in theatres on February 20th, 2004. - This film is currently scheduled for DVD and VHS release on July 14, 2004.  Check with your local video stores, or for further details.

Dean plays the role of "Pete Kallen"

The official Paramount Picture release "Against the Ropes" website starring Meg Ryan.

The Official Gloria Reuben Website

Offers a brief biography and up to date information about the life and career of actress Gloria Reuben, Brooke Haslett in "1-800-MISSING".

The Meg Cabot Website  and

These two sites are those of Meg Cabot a.k.a. Jenny Carroll, the author who's book series "1-800-Where-R-U" are the inspiration for the Lifetime Network television series "1-800-MISSING". 

Caterina Scorsone: Aviva's 'The Ultimate Caterina Scorsone Website' is chock full of many interesting links that range from her biography, filmography, audio and video feeds, pictures, Q&A section and a live audio link to an interview that she did with Raul Moreno that focuses on her role of 'Jess Mastriani' in the hit Lifetime Television series '1-800-MISSING' for the first season (2003), or as 'MISSING' for it's second season that will be premiering in early July. 

Head on over and check it out!

Writer - Producer and Creative Consultant, Lee Goldberg's website.

Lee along with his writing partner William Rabkin, is a contributing writer/producer and creative consultant for the Lifetime Original Series "1-800-MISSING".  Outside of writing and producing for television he has quite a busy life writing murder/mystery novels.  If you like to read mystery novels you'll like "The Death Merchant", just one of the novels stemming from the television series "Diagnosis Murder", "My Gun Has Bullets" (plugged affectionately in one of the episodes of "1-800-MISSING").  Lee's website is chock full of fun and interesting information about script writing, classic and new television information as well as show scripts, opening title video's and much more! Lee's line of film and television writing credits include: Nero Wolf, Monk, Martial Law, Diagnosis Murder, Bay Watch and much, more.

The Hollywood Allstars Celebrity Hockey

Oh...and let's not forget My Home Page. If you'd like more information about this webmaster please feel free to visit my site:

Genevieve Gangon's "Dean McDermott" website.  Once again, a great site including up to date news and pictures.

T.V. TOME Link Carrying More Information About Dean's Career.


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If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites.