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'The Tournament'

'The Tournament made it's debut on CBC on Monday January 3rd, 2005 and here's what Here' what some of you thought.

Newspaper Reviews and Articles About 'The Tournament'
Here's a link to The Globe and Mail's Mary MacDonald's January 17th article in The Globe and Mail.  'Hey dudes, take a chill pill'   The article features Alain Goulem who plays Barry McConnell, the hockey dad who's practically drooling at the nets to get his son in to the NHL.
What did you think of the show?
Ed Wilson of Saskatchewan writes:
'I thought that "The Tournament" was pretty good. Once I'd seen the commercial and realized that it's fiction (and saw the "Everything!" clip), I had it figured out that it was about obsessive parents.

For you Dean McDermott watchers, Dean plays a supporting character (I guess they're all supporting, really, outside of the McConnell family) and it's hard to tell if he'll even be in all of the episodes, but I predict that he will be.  After all, it's obvious -- to me, at least -- that his character (Stan Ryckman) is still hot for Mrs. McConnell, just as she is for him, so they have to explore that story avenue.

Things I especially liked:
- The foul-mouthed girl who seems to be in denial that she's a girl. 
(And her name is Denim.)
- Barry McConnell trying to extend his house in to the neighbouring
township so he can claim residency there.  Pathetic but funny.
- Mrs. Farqueson's coffin headgear.

- Yet another story about a Canadian winter activity that lacks a single
speck of snow.  What the hell?

Ed Wilson'